Wall-to-Wall Studios believes that content managers shouldn’t have to choose between an easy to use CMS and powerful, customizable content features.

BlokBlok solves this problem by delivering a simple user interface and a highly extensible framework designed to meet unique content needs.

With BlokBlok there are no pre-packaged themes. Each content model and design is built to support the needs and goals of your brand. In an age where every website is beginning to look more and more alike, BlokBlok offers an alternative to brands that want to stand out from the crowd.

It all starts with the block.

BlokBlok CMS is a highly flexible, component-based content management system built on the block.

Blocks are individual content components that may be used within a specific template or globally across a website. BlokBlok comes equipped with a set of standard blocks, including a fully-featured WYSIWYG editor, HTML, image, video, galleries and more.

Custom blocks are then built to meet the unique content needs of a website or application. For example, a "person" block may be created to manage staff bios that are used across a website. With a block, it is possible to reuse a single piece of content across as many pages and templates as needed.

Blocks come to life when they’re assembled to build your content on each page.

Each website is designed with a set of custom templates and modules driven by the content needs of your users and brand, and include dropzones that correspond to components of a custom design. Blocks added to these dropzones are combined to create the compelling content destined for your user.

Blocks are flexible. Move them around a dropzone. Add new blocks. Build the content that meets your needs.

Need more content?

Add a block.

Want to move content around the page?

Just drag and drop.

You shouldn’t have to fight your CMS.

Engineered for content managers, BlokBlok is equipped with best-in-class CMS features, including asset management, version control and user admin.

BlokBlok includes several standard modules designed to meet common content needs, including Pages, News, Events and Forms. BlokBlok also easily accommodates custom modules for everything from product catalogs to grants databases.

one page.
Or 1,000. 

The BlokBlok Pages module is the home for your main content. Pages balances structure and flexibility by leveraging the power of blocks. Pages live in a flat structure with no innate relationship between pages when they are created. All pages exist on the same level. Sitemaps and page relationships are managed through the Menus feature. Menus allow content managers to create navigation and manage site structure. 

Extra! Extra!

The BlokBlok News module lets content managers publish time-sensitive, blog-like content that keeps audiences engaged and in-the-know. News posts are highly specialized pages that are configured to handle publication dates, authorship and categorization using Sets. Just like everything else in BlokBlok CMS, News posts are built using standard or custom blocks.


The BlokBlok Events module gives brands the ability to promote events through a calendar on their website or application. Events empowers content managers to create one-time and recurring events and to manage multiple venues. The Events module can be connected to your favorite event registration system, like Eventbrite or Showclix.

Message Received

The BlokBlok Forms module gives content managers the ability to easily create easy-to-use web forms. The Forms builder features a drag-and-drop interface with commonly used fields and can be customized to meet your unique form needs. Forms are then added as blocks where needed. Form responses are stored in the CMS where they can be exported and also sent via email to the appropriate person. The Forms module can be integrated with CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, NeonCRM and Act!


Engineered for the Modern Web

Engineered from the ground up with Ruby on Rails + Javascript, BlokBlok delivers brilliant designs to the modern web. A website built with BlokBlok is carefully crafted to be easily-managed, accessible, responsive and SEO-friendly. Firmly focused on delivering a highly effective user experience realized through proven technologies, as modern web standards advance so does BlokBlok. Comprised of expert systems and a mature codebase, BlokBlok is ready to meet professional needs with confidence.